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Facebook Lead Capture Forms – Reasons to Try it

All the new and improved lead capture forms on Facebook are working wonders for small and medium size businesses. It helps streamline the sales funnel and offer online advertisers a new way to capture interest without redirecting users outside the app. However, if you are the one still thinking then here are some reasons outlined for you.

Super smooth native mobile flow

Hick’s law states that every additional choice increases the time required to make a decision. This is a great principle to consider in web design and online advertising. Lead generation consists of two parts, one is generating interest in the business and then capturing it. Lead capture forms make the second part much smoother by allowing the users to fill out forms without leaving the app.

Auto filled form feature

According to Facebook, most mobile forms take 38.5% longer to fill out as compared to desktop. Lead capture forms take the pain out of trying to fill out long forms on the go by including 18 preset fields which minimise the amount of typing necessary. This data, if available, will be taken directly from user’s Facebook profile and auto-filled in the form when the user clicks the call to action button.

Call to action button options

There are six different button options for the ads call to action namely sign up, subscribe, learn more, apply now, get quote and download. They give you an idea of the variety of companies that could benefit from lead ads and different campaign opportunities they make possible. These calls to action along with the native signup flow and pre-populated forms, shorten the path of lead generation and are likely going to lead to better conversion rates for campaigns.

These are some of the reasons to try out the new lead forms on Facebook.