The Most Beautiful Thing is Understanding

I am not some great philosopher, but there are a few things that will get me to put that hat on.  The subject of a “moment of understanding” is one of those things.

Think about it; the last time you got a joke, the last time you figured out why an idea was a good one, the last time you learned something all at once in an “aha moment”.  For me there is nothing more awesome then “getting it”.  The moment when you finally understand, to me, is like the buddhist concept of enlightenment.  Something to strive for each day, and then more importantly something to share.

One of the things I love doing is telling a good joke.  (Jokes to me are meaningless enlightenment, but they still give the sensation of understanding.)  I’m not sure that the point of a joke is always to get a laugh, but for my money there is no better human emotion than understanding displayed through a laugh.  Nothing offers up more energy to a room than a group together understanding, and showing that they understand together with a laugh.  With that in mind, that is how I speak/teach when I’m at conferences or in classrooms.  My check back into whether the group is with me is humor.  When the group is engaging with my presentation with some laughter here or there I know the room is understanding.  And like the article title says, understanding is the most beautiful thing.

So at this point, even me the writer is trying to figure out where this post is going.  Honestly, what is the point here?

-Look for the moment of understanding.

-Cherish it.

-Embrace it as a part of what you do. – (Once you find it, don’t forget it.  Too many people fail to realize that understanding is the most important form of engagement.)

So moral of the story is in two parts; enjoy the artistic beauty of understanding and don’t forget that understanding is the most important form of engagement.

Thanks for listening,

Zach West